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Where to plane spot in Montreal (YUL)?

Plane spot Jacques-de-Lesseps observatory park in Montreal

We are sure you have traveled by plane at least once.
However, have you ever wanted to observe (spot) aircraft? If your answer is yes, our post is for you! We have picked the best plane spots (from our experience) in Montreal where you can watch plane takeoff and landing.

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The Canadian Rockies (two-week trip) – what to do in summer

Tourists on Lake Louise in Banff Park

If you are going to visit the parks of Banff and Jasper, you may have a lot of questions as we did before our trip to the Canadian Rockies… What must see? Where are scenic routes and lakes? Where and how to see bears? You may be overwhelmed by online information, aren’t you?
Our goal was to see mountains and turquoise lakes in Banff National Park. We reached the goal on the first day of our travel. After that, we simply enjoyed our trip and its unexpected turns.
Let’s begin our mountain adventures in western Canadian provinces, Alberta and British Columbia.

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The Hopewell Rocks (New Brunswick) the top place to visit

Hopewell Rocks - Flower pot at low tide

Do you know that in Canada you can see the highest tides in the world? Where?!.. At the Bay of Fundy between New Brunswick and Nova Scotia provinces. It was there that we went to watch the Marine Wonder of the Worlds…

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Traveling to Banff in winter (what to do in one week)

Cascade Ponds - picnic and campground area in Banff

Winter get into full swing in Canada! This time of year reminded us of our trip to Banff in the winter of 2017. That was the first time we decided to take a week off from the Montreal winter in the snowy Banff mountains of Alberta, Canada.
So, we had 7 days to enjoy the magical winter…

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Classic and skate cross-country ski (top 10 places near Montreal)

Cross country skiing in Esterel

The winter has come to Canada! Someone escapes the cold season by flying to the south. We are the ones who cheer every snowstorm. The winter, for us, is the time for our favourite outdoor activity, cross-country skiing.
If you also like cross-country skiing, or you want to join the army of skiers, then this article with information about our ski areas will be useful for you.

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Top 5 places around Montreal to take fall pictures

Lake in flamboyant colours, Park Mont-Tremblant

The most wonderful season in Canada is fall (autumn). It may be not always warm and pleasant but the fall in Canada definitely is the most beautiful of four seasons.

Welcome to the country of multicolored maple leaves!

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How to see icebergs in Canada? Trip to Newfoundland

Our fist iceberg seen in King’s Point - Newfoundland

Discover with us another Atlantic province of Canada – Newfoundland and Labrador, namely, the island of Newfoundland and its alley of icebergs.

Icebergs?! – you may exclaim – No, it is too far, too unreal and…too cold! We thought so until we traveled for the first time to Newfoundland. It was +25°C (77°F) and we touched the real icebergs…

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Shooting stars in Quebec (Mont-Mégantic National Park)

ASTROLab in the park Mont-Megantic

How to spend an unforgettable night in August? We do not know what you thought but we spent a night… watching the shooting stars!

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The Maritimes – Nova Scotia (day 3)

Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia

The third and final day of our trip to Nova Scotia was full of discoveries!
The capital of Nova Scotia is the port city of Halifax, a lighthouse in Peggy’s Cove, the town of Lunenburg…

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The Maritimes – Nova Scotia (day 2)

Fog in Cape Breton

The second day in Nova Scotia we completely spent on the Cape Breton Island. It was a day of disappointments and unexpected discoveries!
The fog brutally destroyed our plans. But at the same time, it brought a certain ease to our trip.
We simply enjoyed everything that surrounded us!

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The Maritimes – Nova Scotia (day 1)

Cape Breton Island landscape

So, here is Nova Scotia, the main goal of our trip! Cape Breton Island, Cabot Trail, the capital of the province Halifax, Peggy’s Cove with the lighthouse, town of Lunenburg and much more. We visited all these in three days.

Before our trip to the Maritimes, we reviewed the guides and looked at the photos. The beautiful landscapes convinced us to stay on Cape Breton Island as many days as possible.

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The Maritimes – Prince Edward Island

Campbell's Cove Campground in Prince Edward Island

If you flip through travel guides about Canadian province Prince Edward Island, you will come across landscapes with red sands shores and lighthouses. We did not see anything of these after crossing Confederation bridge.
Instead, we discovered something more valuable that made our stay unforgettable.

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